Studio Bergen is Jeroen Bergen, a freelance graphic designer & art director who lives and works in Aarschot, Belgium. 
I mainly focus on logo & identity design and book (cover) design, always with a strong focus on typography. Besides that I also love designing posters, music packaging, information graphics,... and whatnot, because I like variation in my work. My passion is print design, so I stopped designing websites.

In 2008 I graduated at Hogeschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels (which has now become a campus of LUCA School of Arts) as a master in graphic design. I started freelancing at the end of the same year.

I try to avoid trends – without ignoring their existence. In the first place, because anyone that pays me to design something that's meant to last, doesn't want the final product to be outdated soon. Being well aware of the impact graphic design – and print in particular – has on the environment, I try make work that has the ability to stay relevant until and after the next big trend has arrived.
I don't really have one particular style, since every project has its own needs, but you can say that in general I get a lot of inspiration from mid 20th century Modernist design.

Besides being a designer, I have also recently taken my first steps into the world of screenwriting – at the moment working on a short movie.
For the rest I mostly fill my time with music: I have a one man band (more on that later), I am half of an eclectic vinyl DJ duo – so you can call me a vinyl addict as well – and a frequent concertgoer.
I used to be a concert promoter as well (mainly indie and punk bands), but a day only has 24 hours, so...