Merde! Festival is a theatre festival for young people between 13 and 30 years old. It is organized by JongDOEK (a part of OpenDOEK) and takes place in Aarschot.
The name Merde! came from the expression 'dikke merde’, which is used in the theatre world and means as much as ‘break a leg’ in Flemish.

The main request was the use of vibrant colours. The idea is to use a close up of a green bottle fly, because of its Flemish name: ‘strontvlieg’ – which literally could be translated as... (cough) ‘shit fly’. ‘Merde’ – as you may know – also means ’shit’ in French. 

The idea was to show the bottle fly in many different positions in the different designs (poster, brochure, online...), but due to COVID-19 the festival has been postponed until 2021, so at the moment I can only share this image that was used for the announcement of the festival. To be continued...